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Top Tips For Exterior House Painting

Exterior painting providers can easily help you give your home a necessary revamp.


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Exterior Painting


Not only do painters help you provide value to your residence, exterior painting companies know how to protect your home from the elements.

Whenever searching for an exterior painting firm, get at least several quotes.

Here are a few details to consider:

Good Quality Paint
Prep Work and Damaged Locations
Number of Coats of Paint
Painting Trim, Doors, Rails, Porch/Deck, etc.


Time, Reputation, Cost, Quality of Paint,

Every one of the exterior painting companies will take into account the overall size of the property, the condition of the surfaces and the kind of paint. Top quality paint will last longer, but it will increase the cost of the project.

Talk to the contractor of the exterior painting company to make a list of the types of paint that will be utilized and then check to be sure that is the paint the painters in fact use.




Preparation and Damaged Local Areas

It will cost more to paint a residence if the exterior painting company must first do a considerable amount of prep work.

If peeling paint has to be removed and damaged areas must be restored, the painters will add these costs to the quote.

Make sure that each quote includes a thorough breakdown so you can review each one fairly.

Another perk of having a comprehensive breakdown is that it also provides specific terms to the agreement you obtain with the exterior painting company.


Quantity of Coats of Paint

If the exterior painting business uses brushes rather than sprayers to paint the house, they may need to do extra coats. Also, if you opt for a light paint to cover a dark paint, the painter may have to apply extra coats of paint.

More coats means higher cost.

Painting Trim, Doors, Rails, Porch, Deck, Etc.

While the painters are upgrading your exterior, they will also retouch your trim, rails, steps, doors and porch if needed. Most exterior painting companies will recommend a glossier paint for these surfaces than the home's exterior siding.



An additional factor to consider when choosing an exterior painting company is whether or not they can finish the job in a timely fashion.



Once you have all the bids from the exterior painting companies, compare the prices while taking into consideration all of the above factors.


All exterior painting firms are not alike.

With careful planning and comparison shopping, you will find the perfect exterior painting contractor for your project.


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